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Spirit of Deaf Dogs - Colorado

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Baggage (The Meaning of Rescue)
by Evelyn Colbath © 1995 All Rights Reserved.

Now that I'm home, bathed, settled and fed.
All nicely tucked in my warm new bed,
I'd like to open my baggage,
Lest I forget,
There is so much to carry,
So much to regret.
Hmmm...Yes, there it is, right on the top,
Let's unpack Loneliness, Heartache and Loss,
And there by my perch hides Fear and Shame.
As I look on these things I tried so hard to leave,
I still have to unpack my baggage called Pain.
I loved them, the others, the ones who left me,
But I wasn't good enough - for they didn't want me.
Will you add to my baggage?
Will you help me unpack?
Or will you just look at my things, And take me right back?
Do you have the time to help me unpack?
To put away my baggage, to never repack?
I pray that you do - I'm so tired you see,
But I do come with baggage,
Will you still want me?



The Spirit of Deaf Dogs Colorado is not a rescue organization. The Adopt page is a resource to link those who need to find a home for a deaf dog and those who would like to adopt a deaf dog. This page is meant to help shelters, rescue organizations and occasionally, private individuals, to connect with individuals wanting to share their lives with a dog who happens to be deaf.

The decision regarding placement is the responsibility of the shelter, rescue organization or the individual who is caring for and posting the dog. Individuals wanting to adopt will usually be asked to fill out an application before being considered as a possible placement. Home checks, reference checks and an adoption fee are also common.